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   Bucket of Love


501c3 Not-for-Profit


Dance  and outreach

"Sharing God's Love by way of Messages, Music, & Moves"


Special Thanks to:

"Bucket of Love"

2019 Grantee

B.O.L.D. Team

Bucket of Love Dance Team

Young Men's Empowerment Gala 


June 29, 2019

Aurora Public Art Gallery 

Meet the Ministers of Dance



We believe that a spiritual takeover happens on the stages, floors, grounds, etc…..when we access the realm where God dwells by way of a unique blend of uplifting Messages, Music, and Moves, each  influenced by LOVE. We then invite all who thirst to join us in seeking a life full of love, personal purpose, and destiny here on earth.



Let's improve the whole child, the whole person. How 'bout that?"

-Elizabeth Loving

Executive Director


Personal Relationship with God, whom influences everything we do.

Dance produces beneficial health results, as it is a form of exercise. Dance shapes and tones the body. Dance also promotes higher self-esteem, freedom of expression and personal creativity.


Motivational/Educational Workshops remind us of who we are and help us to live according to our God-given purpose.

 Community Outreach Events/Programs bring communities/families together for a positive cause.

(815) 508-8933


P.0. Box 7831

Aurora, IL 60507

bol instagram pic.jpg
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