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Bucket of Love


501c3 Nonprofit


"Sharing God's Love,               Saving God's People"

Dance      Mentorship     Education

Every Friday


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Mayor Irvin presents "Bucket of Love " with MLK

  "Service Above Self"  2020 Award


Sharing God's Love and Word to Uplift and Inspire youth and families to possess a healthy thought-life, break generational curses, and most important, Establish a Personal Relationship with God. We believe with these things in place, God's people will be saved and free to fulfill their uniquely designed destinies.



Dance/Mentorship produces beneficial health results, as it is a form of exercise. Dance shapes and tones the body. Mentorship provides youth a safe place for self-expression, personal creativity, and building higher self-esteem.


Education Sharpens youth's intellect and positively impact their current and future educational experiences for limitless success.

Outreach brings communities /families together for a positive cause.

"Bucket of Love Dance Team" 

Community Foundation of Fox River Valley  Grantee  Spotlight

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Executive Director

Elizabeth Loving

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