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   Bucket of Love


501c3 Nonprofit


"Sharing God's Love,      Saving God's People"

Dance & OUTREAch

Mayor Irvin presents "Bucket of Love " with MLK

  "Service Above Self"  2020 Award

"Bucket of Love Dance Team" 

Community Foundation of Fox River Valley  

2019 Grantee  Spotlight

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Rehearsals, Performances, Outreach & Education

Young Men's Empowerment Gala 



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Executive Director

Elizabeth Loving

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We believe that a spiritual takeover happens on the stages, floors, grounds, etc…..when we access the realm where God dwells by way of a unique blend of uplifting Messages, Music, and Moves, each  influenced by LOVE. We then invite all who thirst to join us in seeking a life full of love, personal purpose, and destiny here on earth.



Let's improve the whole child, the whole person. How 'bout that?"

-Elizabeth Loving

Executive Director


Personal Relationship with God, whom influences everything we do.

Dance produces beneficial health results, as it is a form of exercise. Dance shapes and tones the body. Dance also promotes higher self-esteem, freedom of expression and personal creativity.


Motivational/Educational Workshops remind us of who we are and help us to live according to our God-given purpose. Sharpen our intellect and positively impact our current and future educational experiences for limitless success.

 Community Outreach Events/Programs bring communities/families together for a positive cause.

(815) 508-8933


P.0. Box 7831

Aurora, IL 60507

bol instagram pic.jpg
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